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  • Custom Courseware - Combines the perfect blend of exercises, instructional videos, and fun challenges to keep your student engaged and get them on the fastest path to their dream career and education. 
  • Mentorship Program - Get guided step-by-step course instructions on how to mentor your student through an amazing journey of discovery so you can make sure that they are being true to themselves and their future.
  • ​Live Sessions - Get 5 Live Video Sessions With a Professionally Trained Major Mentor to help keep mentors and students aligned and on pace to complete the course.
  • Self Exploration - It's not as simple as a quick online quiz . . .you and your student will use our carefully crafted exercises to explore their major life events, influencers, personality, values, preferences, environmental needs and everything that shapes their passions. When properly matched to a career, this will lead to their most fulfilling and successful life.  You can rest easy knowing that they are now setting out on a path with purpose. 
  • Career Exploration - Dive into careers with your student in ways that will truly open their eyes to possibility. Taking into consideration industry demand, salaries, future job demand, and all critical information you will feel confident that they have really considered all the options and have the best chance of picking something that they will love on the first try. This means you will greatly reduce the risk of wasting time and your hard earned money on the wrong education
  • Outreach & Action - Discover the power of asking with your student by opening up your entire network (and their own) to speak to people who are already in their future dream job. You'll watch them interview professionals as they uncover the truth behind their chosen career so they can make their ultimate decision and pick their path forward. This means that you and your student will have much more confidence in your decisions before you invest more in their education.
  • ​Career DNA Evaluator - Compare all the amazing knowledge your student has learned about themselves and careers in our custom Career DNA Evaluator tool.  This will give your student a huge edge as they navigate their life changing decisions so they have a distinct advantage over those leaving their future to chance.
  • Education Path - Explore the best educational paths, trainings, vocational schools, apprenticeships or colleges with your student to ensure they'll be on their ideal learning path for success and happiness. This reduces the risk of changing paths or majors, dropping out, or needing to transfer because they've done their research
  • Soft Skills - Your student will benefit from much needed "soft skills" by networking with professionals, conduct interviews, scheduling calls, and making tough decisions as they venture through the PathFinding process - helping to prepare them for their future career as an adult.
  • ​Self Paced - Go at your own pace! You have the option to focus and complete this course very quickly in just a few weeks or stretch it out over a half a year.
  • Bonuses - Access to the Major Choice Membership Area, over $100 worth of free e-books, and a free bonus course Funding, Financing, and Talking About Your Future.
Our Founders

Brad Duquette, Mentor, Business Owner

Dad and Founder of multiple companies within the education space, Brad has worked with thousands of college students and personally lived through the problem Major Choice addresses!

Ed Goyette, Mentor, Business Owner

Dad, Author and the Co-Founder of Yours for the Asking, Ed is a small business owner with decades of experience mentoring, teaching, and coaching students through their professional careers. 
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Watch Sarah's Testimonial
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