The Confusion About Your Student's Future Ends Here
"The World's Most Comprehensive One-on-One Course to Help Students From Spending Years of Time and Thousands of Dollars Pursuing the Wrong Direction." 

Major Choice is Perfect For a Parent / Guardian with . . .

  • A current high school or college student who feels lost and can't quite put their thumb on what they want to do in the future.
  • A student who thinks they know what they want to pursue but needs more insight to make sure it's the right choice.
  • A college student that was told that "you can figure it out at college," but has realized it's too expensive and still needs help before declaring a major.
  • ​A student who needs to feel better about their choices as they are staring down huge amounts of debt and emptying their savings.
  • ​A student who would learn from talking and seeing people work in their future dream job. 
  • ​A student tired of relatives and friends asking them what they want to be after high school. 
  • ​​A student that thought their school would provide more major and/or career guidance and realized that they're not in a position to help them. 
  • ​​A young adult that needs additional direction and knows that they are capable of more.


    *Please note, all applicants must be a parent / guardian of a student. No "student only" applicants accepted. 

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    Numerous programs available to fit any budget. Voucher programs and sponsorships options also available. 

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    • Completed in 6-8 weeks, this program will save your student years of time and quite possibly, 10’s of thousands of dollars because they are no longer floundering and have direction.
    • Learn things about your child that you never knew as they dive into their innate preferences, personality, core values, interests, passions, careers, and their hopes and dreams - strengthening your relationship and building on their future.
    • ​Help your student maximize college credits and minimize tuition costs by avoiding a 5th year of college, changing majors, transferring or even dropping out - your help will keep them motivated and excited about school and what lies ahead.
    • ​Easily completed during one on one online meetings, it doesn't matter if your student is commuting or living on campus. Students can access our courseware from any computer while parents receive automated updates on their progress. 
    • Our PathFinding system has been used by professional teachers, mentors, and parents across the country and is backed by our 100% money back guarantee to limit your risk.
    • ​Enjoy support from our professional staff to ensure nothing stops you and your child from completing this course!
    Watch Sarah's Testimonial

    Benefit From Three Custom Missions Developed for Parents of Young Adults

    Self Exploration
    Our one-on-one Major Choice Mentor courseware guides students through our proprietary PathFinding system to assess personality, passions, life events, and core values so they learn a deeper knowledge of themselves and how their needs and interests align with future careers / majors so they can make more confident decisions.
    Career Exploration
    Will their job be in demand in 10 years? Will they make enough to pay off their student loans? How competitive is their field of interest? Students dive into career videos, critical job data, and potential majors so they can make an educated decision on which path to take - so families can outline the most successful path forward. 
    ​​It's one thing to learn about careers but it's another to see, talk, and interact with those that are currently working in their  dream job. Our PathFinding system shows students and parents how to connect and network with professionals who are currently studying or working in their major and/or career so they can enjoy first hand knowledge from those living it.

    Powered Through Our Proprietary PathFinding™ Process! 

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