How long does the course take to complete?

The course typically takes 6-10 weeks to complete. Our staff is flexible and we recognize that the course may need to be extended due to life events, school work, or other demands that come up. Students meet virtually with their assigned Major Mentor for approximately 25-45 minutes depending on the lesson. Students are assigned exercises during each session which, depending on the exercise, typically take 20-45 minutes to complete. Students are expected to have their assignments completed prior to the next call. 

Do students need a parent or someone else to complete the course when they hire a Major Choice Mentor?

No. Though we encourage parents / guardians to be present during the application / interview process we do not expect them to participate on any follow up virtual meetings.  

What makes up a mission?

Missions are made up of fun exercises, videos, and other hands on activities that are a mix of self assessment, career exploration, and experiential learning. Through these missions, we begin building the students Career DNA™ which is then compared to potential career matches. To do this, we ask a lot of questions and ask students to be honest and direct. 

Can students fail this course?

No, this is not a graded course. However, if the Major Mentor assigned to the student does not believe the student is applying themselves, we do reserve the right to remove the student from the program. In this case, Major Choice will provide a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances. 

When is a good time to take this course?

Our typical student is between 16-22 years old. They are either exploring post high school plans or are in college already but not sure of their next steps. 

Am I too busy to take this course?

We developed this course to be flexible and will work with your schedule. That said, if you are not able to commit to at least one session a week and completing the exercises, now is not the time to apply for this course. 

What if I think I know what I want to pursue? 

If you know what you want to pursue with 100% certainty, this class is not for you. But if you have the slightest doubt, it might be worth taking this course just to make sure! You may also come to realize that you just avoided making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. 

Why wouldn't I get accepted?

Each student will go through a mandatory interview to ensure they are right for our program. We are making sure timing is right, candidates are committed, and there is a genuine interest / need for our our program. Please note: not all that apply are accepted. 

Will other students participate during my meetings? 

No. These are one-on-one discussions with your assigned Major Mentor. Any information shared is confidential and in a private virtual meeting. 
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